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With a combined experience of more than 130 years, Claremont Joinery’s craftsmen have the experience, expertise, and passion for what they do to fulfil any client request, no matter how complex.

If you would like to experience having skilled, professional, and passionate craftsmen turn your vision into reality, please contact us.

Steve Kidson

After a number of years in facilities management, Steve started his own business fitting out small offices and other commercial premises. He purchased Claremont Joinery in 2002 to ensure he had consistently high-quality joinery for his fit outs. Over the years, Steve has become more involved in the creation as well as installation of bespoke elements and Claremont Joinery is now his passion.

While he particularly enjoys being hands-on, he gets the most sense of achievement when he can walk a client through the finished work and see the elation in their face.

Jason Haldane

Originally from New Zealand, it was after a holiday to Australia that Jason decided to make Australia home. He moved here 10 years ago, started working for Claremont Joinery and is now our Foreman.

Jason takes pride in bringing detail to life. While he is responsible for most structural and form work, he particularly enjoys elements that are outside the norm such as curves, hidden and innovative storage solutions and one-off items of furniture.

Michael Hasler

Michael began his journey as a joiner in 2008 and first joined Claremont Joinery in 2010. After a short period honing his skills under the instruction of other master craftsmen, he returned to Claremont Joinery in 2019. As Production Supervisor, he is responsible for the interpretation of plans, managing schedules, construction, and installation of elements, and working closely with clients to ensure their needs are met.

Michael particularly enjoys designing and creating statement pieces in solid timber; pieces that are not only functional but are unique and timeless in their appeal.

Brian Chesher

Brian has been with Claremont Joinery since 1991 and has made a number of unique pieces as well as many kitchens, wardrobes, vanities, and other cabinetry for discerning clients.

Brian particularly enjoys making bespoke statement pieces in solid timber, such as desks, tables, and furniture for places of worship.

Graham Filby

Graham started with Claremont Joinery in 2015 where he finished his apprenticeship. He does both construction in the workshop as well as fit outs and installation on site, where he enjoys seeing the finished product in the space it was designed for.

Graham particularly appreciates working with solid timber to build one-off, bespoke pieces of furniture for a specific space such as custom tables, chairs, and storage.

Jim Georgiou

Jim began his career manufacturing and restoring furniture. After 16 years he started his own business with clients including joinery companies seeking to have pieces restored for their clients. He joined Claremont Joinery in 2015 and has enjoyed working with clients that understand the value of good craftsmanship.

Jim particularly enjoys working with timber and making a design that is not straight forward into reality. He appreciates modern as well as older designs and looks forward to fostering his sons’ love of carpentry as his father did for him.

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