Clerical Custom Joinery Sydney


There are few spaces where materials and craftmanship need to stand the test of time more than in places of worship.

We have long marvelled at the skill of the artisans who created the interior of churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and chapels around the world and how their work can still be admired after hundreds, sometimes thousands of years.

While the places of worship in Sydney do not have the history of such places found in Europe, Central and Eastern Asia, and South America, we are still passionate about creating worthy and austere pieces for places for worship.

Our artisans carefully craft each piece and appreciate the opportunity to use their knowledge and experience to create, replicate and match the timeless and reverent pieces required.

If you are looking to furnish a new or existing place of worship, or have a particular need in this area, we would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you.

Our craftsmen are skilled at creating all types of furniture used in places of worship, including pulpits, alters, lecterns, ceremonial and presidential chairs, display cases, pews, congregation chairs and kneelers.

Claremont Joinery specialises in:

restoration Work

including matching timber and grains and replicating styles and details from drawings or existing pieces


Creating additional pieces of furniture for an existing space. These may be replicas of existing pieces or new pieces that must fit the existing style and era.


Creating new pieces in the style and aesthetic requested by the client.

Visionary Clients

What our clients say

Steve and his team are always on hand to provide up to date product information, lead times and installation dates. One of the best qualities is their service and attention to detail. I would have no problem recommending Claremont Joinery to anyone from established fit out contractors to a home builder looking for a quality product with great service.
From detailing and coordination during pre fabrication to fabrication and careful installation of beautiful joinery pieces. We have always found Claremont Joinery to be reliable and prompt providing quick turnaround during fabrication with a minimum of fuss during site installations.
We have used Clairmont Joinery for a number of projects and have found them to be exceptionally professional. Their work is of the highest standard. They consistently go above and beyond our expectations offering practical solutions with outstanding attention to detail and quality. This detail is reflected in the finished work which we couldn’t be happier with. We have no hesitation in recommending them.
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